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Use Outlook/ Public Folder Forms with a SQL Server Database
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MX-Folders is an Outlook Add-In product that allows you to utilize existing Exchange Server Public Folders, along with their custom Outlook forms, but store the data directly in SQL Server, rather than in the Public Folders. This enables one to maximize the investment already made in customizing these forms but at the same time have the data stored in a true relational, scalable database, namely SQL Server, with its corresponding advantages, namely easier reporting, data integration and backup.

MX-Folders is an adaptation of ExchangeWise’s highly successful Outlook-based CRM system known as MX-Contact. MX-Contact is architected identically to MX-Folders, in that it uses Outlook forms that store data directly into a back-end SQL database, but is focused specifically at meeting the needs of customers looking for CRM functionality. MX-Folders on the other hand, can be used for any application or business process whatsoever, and this used in any department of the company, whether it be sales, marketing, financial, manufacturing, IT, operations or legal.


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