White Paper - Microsoft Exchange Server and Managed/Hosted Exchange Services
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This details the reasons why businesses of all sizes can now consider outsourcing their Exchange Server.


So whether you're a 5-person business using POP or Internet mail accounts and struggling to share information and collaborate effectively with each other, or a medium sized business already using Exchange but grappling with the costs and hassles involved of maintaining Exchange in-house, read about the benefits of Microsoft Exchange Server and of utilising an Exchange ASP to manage your Exchange Server for you!

We discuss the following:

  • What is Microsoft Exchange Server?
  • Managed Exchange Services
  • Outlook 2003 Desktop Client
  • Outlook Web Access
  • What you pay
  • Benefits
  • Possible Downsides
  • Who could benefit
  • Costs Savings
  • Why deploy Managed E-Mail
  • What you need
  • Managed Exchange Providers
  • Contact Management/CRM - A Collaborative Application in Action