Customers are able to access free support by visiting The ExchangeWise Document Centre and searching the knowledge base. The online Knowledge Base provides all of our customers with as much information as possible at no charge! It's the fastest and easiest way to get the technical information you need. In addition you may log queries categorised as Customer Care or Basic Support issues, providing these are logged on the Forum or via E-Mail. (Note that Free Support excludes the logging of those issues that are categorised as Advanced Technical Support).

However to qualify for free support you must be a registered user of MX-Contact with a valid Annual Product Maintenance Contract.

At no cost you may:

check answers to frequently asked questions about Installation, Configuration and System Usage.
read recent product announcements.
download Information Sheets which give you more information on specific aspects of MX-Contact.
download Instruction Sheets which give step-by-step instructions on how to install, use or configure MX-Contact.
download the latest software updates (assuming you have a valid Annual Product Maintenance).
download the latest accompanying Update Bulletin documentation.
log Basic Support Issues on the Forum or via E-mail.
Free! Included with your purchase of MX-Contact.
Link: The ExchangeWise Document Centre